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CES 2009 - Spintricity will be emailing most of you…

… industry people shortly.

[A lot of industry people read the blog. So you audiophiles not in the industry, you now get a little peek into the industry, as well as where Spintricity is headed]

We want your press releases, we want your articles and editorials, we want your photos.

And we want your advertising.

We know the economy is tough [but I just love the price of gasoline these days :-) ))], but Spintricity offers an upscale web presence at downscale prices.

And this is especially true in the upcoming show issue.

For those of you that are exhibiting at CES 2009, Spintricity offers the ability to put an ad right in with your photos that tells people what you were showing, why it was significant, prices, a link to more information, and why your equipment is to die for [or at least to 2nd mortgage for].

For those of you who are not going [and we as Audio Note just decided to go at the last minute… last week I think] then you can still get tons of exposure for your equipment by putting your own ad in the show issue - perhaps in with a room that showed something of yours, or perhaps in with the general show report itself.

And remember, our ads are for the lifetime of the magazine itself - not a month to month rental…. you OWN that space in the magazine [with legal and technical restrictions, of course. And no porn. Though it would probably be great for everybody’s business…. :-) ].

This year the show report will be from the point of view like that in the speakers Guide in our Audiophiles Guide ot the Galaxy - we will talk about flavors of things, instead of from the point of view of the uber-high-end that Audio Federation inhabits [Neli still thinks I should do a mostly text version like the old reports, where we dissect the sound in the better rooms, with only a couple of photos, here on the Audio Federation website].


What do people think? Any opinions? Anybody? Bueller?

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