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Spring is here

It is so nice. A little distracting from my blog posting duties though… Spring in Boulder is a wonderful thing - a transition from gray hues to green and yellow and red and blue and purple….

The SoundLab U1 speakers have been sold. The Acoustic Zen Adagio speakers took their place - but it is not as different ‘feeling’ as I expected it to be…. A speaker down at that end of the room is just like any other speaker, I guess [no photos cause the speakers are on location until their new Adagios arrive].

We have a ARC Ref 3 preamp trade-in [that is for sale, BTW] that we are going to plug in to the system here and hear in a known environment.

Stewart Suda who has been with Audiogon for, what, about 5 years? [since the site got bought from Arnie) has left for greener pastures [or, hopefully, at least less stressful].

Also about Audiogon, they have once again dropped all show coverage from their site since at least Montreal. This is not to say that it won’t pop back up on their site again someday in the future - as this has happened before.

The availability of the new Nordost ODIN power cords have been announced at about $11K for a 4 foot cord ($10,995 for 1.25 meters). [Can’t wait to hear them! … but we’re going to need two…].

The Munich Show is over and the Portland show is starting NOW [Audio Note is there but Mike and Neli are sitting this one out - though some of our precioussss gear is there].

The AN Kegon Balanced amps are still kicking butt and ruining me for listening to any other amp [Neli is more forgiving and still listens to other amps…. poor girl ;-) ].

OK, that is about it. If I know Audio Federation, things are quietest before everything happens at once. And June is the end of our fiscal year… so I think I will be glad I am rested up… :-)

Happy Spring Everybody (above the equator)!

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