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System Two now has two racks

… and system Three has none.

Both RixRax equipment racks are now over on the second system. We wanted the added capability to compare two turntables, two phono stages, and the Audio Note Ongaku to the Kegon Balanced to the Kegon.

We put the Kehon Balanced amps on the Kharma Mini Exquisites.

The tops have been off so we can stare at the internal electronics for awhile :-) But the tops will be back on soon enough… 1) they take up a lot of room just laying around, 2) the safest place for the tops of the chassis is on the chassis, and 3) just to get the aesthetic effect of a system that does not have exposed tubes.

Since our Audio Note M9 Phono preamp is still to arrive, we are using the Audio Note M1 phono preamplifier to drive the Kegon Balanced. We also had the M1 on the Ongaku integrated for awhile, to get a feel for the sound of the M1 in the system that we are so very familiar with.

The M1 is a very nice pre and I, personally, want to keep it here forever. At the price it sells for on Audiogon sometimes, $700, it sounds more like a $5K to 10K pre - and it always surprises me.

All the low-end AN gear surprises me - I keep expecting a more discordant and harsh sound - like the low end of every other line of equipment. But nooooo, this has more harmonics and warmth than the top-of-the-line, which is more neutral and detailed and transparent and realistic.

The end of the rack is now ALFULLY close to the speaker. But we figure the trade-off is worth it - that we can configure some great sounding systems that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to hear.

The Audio Note Kegon Balanced on the Kharma loudspeakers.

The Audio Note Kegon Balanced. On first blush, the M1 pre + Kegon Balanced amps is very, very competitive with the Ongaku integrated amp.

I would say more neutral [OK, nothing has that 211 sound except 211-based tube amps and the Kegons are 300B-based amps] and more transparent - more separation …and solidity?

We’re still listening…

The Soundlab system without a rack looks pretty darn cool itself. The Audio Aero Prestige is sitting on a Rix Rax amp stand.

Yes, that is a Nordost ODIN between the Prestige and Edge Signature One amps.

The Ongaku is now in System Four in Listening Room Three (L3). We haven’t hooked it up yet - this is still a AN Oto integrated-driven system.

3 Responses to “System Two now has two racks”

  1. Guy Says:

    Hi Mike!! this is unrelated to the post but check what I found on the head-fi forum…you input would be appreciated.




  2. Mike Says:

    I see nothing wrong with Virtual Dynamics charging $150 or whatever it was for $20 of parts + labor, marketing, support, etc. Usually the markup is around 5X, but VD puts things on 40-50% off sales periodically.

    Some people seem to like their stuff - though there were some obvious shills on the thread - and I only read part of it. We’re not fans, for many reasons including their claim that God told them how to make the cables, but that is irrelevant.

    I say, if it is made of old toilet paper but sounds fantastic, it should sell for what it’s competitors with the same level of sonic performance sell for.

    JFYI, the manufacturers I talk to about this, that we carry, they vociferously disagree :-) They are really very proud of what went into their products. Me? I just care about how it sounds, gentlemen.

    For example, Nordost makes their own cables … builds their own machines to make them, etc… mostly for pace makers and stuff. Audio Note has so much silver in their stuff, worst case scenario one could melt it down and sell it [and given our economy these days…]

    It is funny that so many people in the U.S. - like Engadget.com linking to that thread to make fun of our hobby yet again - do not understand capitalism yet they are so gun ho about exporting it Supply, demand, capitalization costs… hello? Or maybe they understand it very well - sensationalist accusations sells.

    Hope all is well, Guy,

  3. Guy Says:

    HI Mike!! My main concern is the flimsy built quality..and the use of ‘home depot’ shower hose and messy glue…I have nothing against profit providing you deliver a quality product…as for the ‘God’ thing..I have heard it at the FSI show last year from Rick himself!!


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