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OK. I think we’ve finally got this figured out.

You call in a problem.

They send a crew out if it is not raining, dark or Sunday.

They work on the problem.

They go home.

The next day, Comcast updates your account to say everything is A-OK.

Things are not OK.

The crew knew it was not OK when they left. They say that they are going to put in another ticket, or come out again. Yeah. Right.

But, you cannot call them until the next day AFTER they update your account to say it is fixed. Because no matter what, they WILL mark your account as fixed.

OK, you do this.

They send out another crew.

This crew, or guy, has no clue that 5 other crews have been out here working on the problem. That there are several houses that have a problem here. They all start from zero each time.

This is the 7th day Comcast has been down. One of our neighbors uses Comcast VOIP as their phone service, poor chaps.

Hopefully today is THE day….

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