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CES 2007 - Day TWO


Forgot to charge my camera battery last night so Mike as Photographer was down a few hours and wasted then time to get to and from the show [which is significant: the bus arrived a few minutes after I got to the front of the hotel, but took 25-30 minutes to get to the show. Getting back… the busses had stopped running, so it was a taxi, which took 15 minutes or so. Then there was the time in-between that it took to really acknowledge that I was indeed [somehat dull-wittedly aka stupid :-( ] SOL with a drained battery and even if the Canon exhibit at the show did have one of these batteries, and had them for sale, and I could find their exibhit - it too would likely need to be charged]. First time a battery died with only one day’s use. But it was 1000 photos or so…

So this meant that I did not get a lot of pictures of the main conference today. Mostly got pictures of the 3rd and 4th floors at the Venetian and did the dealer knowledge aquisition thing (hey, we were sober and it was during business hours… :-) this feels so much like it is NOT work that I can only stand to do it a short while… Brain keeps saying : Get back to work! You should be out there taking more pictures and listening to more systems).

So far, nothing has stood out. You can look at a system, and think ‘this system with speakers designed like X and driven by Y might have associated problems A, B, and C’. And it does and they do.

CES 2007 - Day TWO

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  1. RomyTheCat Says:

    What is interning that people keep introducing speakers with the Hail drivers although diaphragms are not available for them (LA Audio loudspeaker) I wonder if the manufactures informed their customers that the unavailable diaphragms must be changed each year… or perhaps the speakers sound so bad that it is does not mater….

    Romy the Cat

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