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Fractal Design - computer cases and componetns designed to minimized sound

[My previous computer was from endpcnoise and was completely fanless until I added a monster graphics card. It was still very quiet, even with the raptor harddisk drive [which required a special box of thick metal to reduce the drive’s noise level]. My current PC is from Dell, fairly quiet, albeit ever present fan hum, but the raptor harddisk does not have a thick metal case, and my drive is LOUD whenever it is accessed. Dell actually publishes SPL levels now for most of it computers in each of several configurations. Neli just got a Dell that is very quiet, even up here in the mtns where background noise is much lower than in the city.

Anyway, Fractal Design is pretty successful with its cases and components designed to minimize any noise from your computer - which would seem interesting IMHO for people wanting to play music on computers, or just with computers in the same room]

Introducing Define R4

The Fractal Design Define R4 is the latest in the Define Series of computer cases offering minimalistic and stunning Scandinavian design fused with maximum sound reduction, configurability and functionality.

The Define R4 side and front door panels are fitted with dense, sound-absorbing material making it a benchmark for noise reduction. Moreover, the Define R4 accommodates up to 8 HDDs, all modern graphics card sizes, and multiple ventilation options - including two standard Silent Series R2 hydraulic bearing fans - to keep internal components at optimal temperatures.

For ultimate functionality, the Define R4 features a front interface with USB 3.0 and an integrated three-speed fan controller behind the front panel door.

Key features

High density noise-reducing material for an optimal silent case - To achieve a high level of noise reduction, material with mass should be incorporated which is what we strive to achieve with the dense bitumen used on the side panels.
Patent pending ModuVentâ„¢ design allowing the user to choose between optimal silence or maximum airflow
Top HDD cage (5 trays total) can be rotated 90° or removed for additional airflow or to accommodate long graphic cards up to 430mm in length
Three-speed fan controller is strategically integrated in the front panel and supports up to 3 fans
Two Silent Series R2 fans included, featuring hydraulic bearings contributing to a longer life expectancy - Silent Series R2 retail fans will now come standard in all cases
Wider case body that allows for improved cable routing behind the motherboard - now 26mm wide
New tool-less front fan holder makes switching front fans a breeze
Two SSDs can be mounted on the back of the motherboard plate”

Fractal Design

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