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Moozar launches a new way to finacially REWARD music / artists

[This seems like a nice way to pay artists for music. Seems really intuitive and natural to me and goes right along with ‘facebook like’ and all the other buttons these days. Not sure what kind of backend infrastructure and financial security is involved - and whether these guys are up to it - but a great idea, I think.]

“MOOZAR.com has created an easy way for artists to be “rewarded” for their efforts… on line. The “reward button” can be placed anywhere on the web for the artist’s work to be shared. This system creates a direct way for music fans to financially “reward” an artist when and where they appreciate the artist’s tracks on Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud and most places it’s listened to and shared.

An example of the set-up can be found here: http://reward-my-music.com/526

The main site is at: Moozar

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